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Online-conference trends 2021

Online-conference trends 2021

The digital trends brought about by 2020 are only expected to intensify in 2021. If your business hasn’t looked into the hot topics yet, this is the time to take a step into the right direction. Take a look at the seven trends to watch out for in 2021 that we have handpicked.

  1. The use of artificial intelligence

The implementation of AI technologies is the actuality of today. It poses several challenges to online-conference organizers and platform providers. Firstly, the demand for such technologies rises the need to shape up and adjust the supply in the market. Secondly, adding AI solutions to the event-portfolio calls for the need to cover the security of the processes. The question of safety walks hand in hand with the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence, and may be one of the key reasons why such technologies aren’t as widespread, yet.

  1. Virtual Reality elements

For the audience that still associates conferences with walking around the exhibition halls and networking, online conferences in their general sense just don’t seem to do the trick. Implementation of VR solutions, such as 3D maps with conference rooms, is a great way to make the experience more real. 

  1. Engaging entertainment

Once again, the need to close the gap between offline and online experiences stays vivid. A broadcast in which the experts simply take turns speaking and the audience is left in front of the screen listening is the basic setup that leads to low engagement and, as a result, high participant turnover. Online events now call for interactive tools to respond to this need for higher engagement.

  1. More than Zoom

Zoom has boomed during the year 2020, everyone learnt what it is and how to use it. In fact, we got used to it so much that its functionality isn’t enough anymore. People are looking for platforms that have all the basic set of conference tools plus much much more than that. In 2021, the conference hosting platforms that stand out from the crowd are the ones with the highest chance to become the new Zoom.

  1. Hybrid Events 

A combination of online and offline conferencing tools with a part of the participants attending virtually will become the dominating event type. That allows event organizers to save money on venue rent and hosting, while still providing for close to “normal” feel.

  1. Growing importance of wellbeing

Talking about hybrid events, when it comes to offline locations, the increased requirements to the wellbeing of attendees will remain valid. Such matters as the size of the venue, free space per person, proper ventilation and cleanliness of the rooms are among the major points, which importance will only grow.

  1. Sustainability

The issue of sustainability remains on top of the agenda. It is both the hottest topic for panel discussions and a necessary aspect to consider in event organization. 

Want to keep up with the new trends and stay on top of the game? Get in touch with us to create a distinguished online-conference and make your audience engagement hit the roof!

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