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Bill Gates says the pandemic has changed the world forever

Bill Gates says the pandemic has changed the world forever

The world knows Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft, but due to the recent events he has also gained popularity all over the internet as the man who five years ago got up on the TED stage and “predicted the pandemic”. On the first episode of his new podcast “Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions”, he has named several ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic will change the world forever.

First of all, Gates thinks that remote meetings will become the new normal. Pretty much everyone has gotten the taste of remote working, and the question is now raised whenever we face the need for a face-to-face meeting  “Do I really need to go there personally?”. Things that we couldn’t imagine happen without physical contact are now being managed online. At we are ready to embrace the change and provide an environment for all kinds of virtual events to take place.

Another change that Bill Gates expects to see in the nearest post-pandemic future is the improvement of software. As the pressure on advanced online tools grows, the companies are forced to work on optimizing their product to deliver close to real-life experience. Our team works on making online events as diverse as they would be in a physical environment.

One more prediction is that people will now choose to move around the world more, as many can now work remotely and lose that connection to a physical location. We say “yes” to that and invite you to organize an event that connects speakers from different geographic locations all over the world in one great event that can be viewed by the audience from their devices in any point of the globe, as well.

Full article available on Picture source: The Gates Notes LLC.

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