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G20 summit 2020 took place in digital format

G20 summit 2020 took place in digital format

“The whole world is watching”, said the voice behind the screen to the Saudi Arabia’s King Salman during the opening of this year’s G20 summit. This year the members of G20 met for the annual gathering in a new format. The decision to hold an online-conference, as well as the major topic of discussion were both dictated by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus had made a physical meeting impossible, so the virtual summit was organized instead. Here are several ways in which this G20 summit is different from the ones before.

1. The host of the summit, Saudi Arabia, could not fully express their hospitality towards the leaders of G20 nations and show the progress made over the year.

2. The new way of holding a summit has brought about a few technology-related specialities, as not all of the leaders were well-accustomed to the use of the online-conference calls. A few comments appeared in the broadcast sooner than intended, the viewers could see one of the participants quickly put away their phone after realizing they were on camera and other participants were seen being served soft drinks during the conference call.

3. This year’s event didn’t propose a possibility for individual meetings of leaders of G20 nations and overall lacked personal interactions that were a common highlight of previously held gatherings.

4. Another difference from the usual was the lack of the traditional “family” photo that was symbolic before the restrictions to social distancing came in place.

Despite the new nature of the G20 summit, the nations were able to discuss the hot issues of global pandemic and also the situation that the world economy is in at the moment. With the belief that the communication was efficient, we are looking forward to next year’s summit, during which the participants will, hopefully, be able to pose together for the group picture once again.

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