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Digital event speaker’s cheklist

Digital event speaker’s cheklist

We have developed a checklist for our speakers that allows us to arrange high quality broadcasts and present the speakers to the audience in the best light. No cut out parts of the body, no laundry in the background and no voices in the background. Just follow these simple steps.

1.Device. Better not to use a smart phone to connect. We recommend to use a PC or a tablet.

2.Internet. Make sure that your internet connection is stable during the broadcast (the speed should be at least 20 mb/sec).

3.Web camera. It is necessary to remember not to turn off the camera on your device during the broadcast. You should keep the video turned on during the time of the broadcast and avoid moving away from the camera.

4.Sound. The microphone must be turned off at all times, except for when it is your turn to speak. This is due to external sounds that may appear during the broadcast.

5.Light. Make sure that proper lighting is set, and your face is seen well. Check the quality of your web camera in advance. It is not recommended to sit with your back to the window. Your face should appear neither dark nor too light.

6.Positioning in a frame.. It is necessary to position yourself in the middle of the frame. Do not set a camera too close to the face, instead place it on the eye level in a 70cm distance. It is better not to place a camera on a table and look at it from above. This creates an effect of a speaker hanging over the viewer.

7.Background. Choose a proper background for the time of the broadcast. It needs to be neutral with no bright patterns. It is better to avoid having unnecessary objects in the frame. 

8.Dresscode. It is better to stick to the official style in clothing, and dress in accordance with the event format. T-shirts, shirts with no tie and hoodies are not acceptable.

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