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3 Key Features of a great Virtual Event Platform

3 Key Features of a great Virtual Event Platform

Your company has an important conference to hold? Or maybe your employees are looking forward to that corporate event that you organize for them each year? Then the pandemic hit and now all the great plans are under a threat of collapsing. Venues do not take bookings anymore, and even if they did, you don’t want to endanger the safety of the participants. Should you just cancel everything and wait for the pandemic to be over? Maybe, you have already heard of your friends, partners and competitors shifting to virtual events, but don’t know how to go about it and where to start? Well, we are here to tell you that it is the right moment to move your great event to digital.

You might be thinking, “Our participants are already used to our annual event venue. They may find it difficult to connect virtually. They will be bored just sitting in front of the screen”. Well, all of these concerns are reasonable, and that is why it’s important to choose an online event platform that has all of the following:

1. It provides structure for your event: a timetable of broadcasts, games, chat sessions and other interactive activities, as well as well-defined tabs for each important topic of the event. This way people can plan their time and participate in the most relevant happenings of their choice.

2. It is user-friendly and provides technical support to ensure the users’ interaction with the platform is quick, simple and pleasant. Then the participants will not have any problems connecting to the event, and even if they do experience some difficulties along the way, they will always be able to get help and clear instructions on how to access the platform.

3. It offers a wide range of gamification opportunities. It is natural that you aim to reach high engagement and participation, that is why you need to apply a set of tools to grasp the attention of your audience. If you’re holding a conference, you may want to use polls to gather opinions or add a Q&A panel to allow participants to ask the speaker questions and get answers in real time. When the aim of your event is to entertain the participants (e.g. you’re holding a corporate event or celebrating business anniversary), you may want to use such tools as quizzes, voting or even go one step further and implement an entire competitive system, where participants can earn points from activities and spend them on souvenir production in the online shop.

Once all of these points are fulfilled, you are guaranteed to have a virtual event that is just as engaging and memorable as the on-sight alternative. Now, that you’ve learned the main aspects to pay attention to, the only problem is to find a platform that can offer all of it…

Well, we have taken care of that for you, as well. You have already found us! has it all (and more)! Contact us. Let’s connect and create a unique digital experience your audience will remember long after the pandemic is over!

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